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Graham Snowdon

Teacher of Computer Science and ICT, IT Trainer and Assessor.

A consistently good teacher of Computer Science and ICT with outstanding features. IT Trainer and Assessor.
Contact me below if you require fulfillment of any KS 3,4 & 5 computer science roles in the Yorkshire area or IT trainer roles.

David Lord - Headteacher, Ryburn Valley High School

Graham is an outstanding teacher. He truly believes in motivating young people and preparing them for life. Consequently he fully immerses himself in the life of the school. These skills came to the fore during Year 7 Camp week. He instills a belief in young people to enjoy life, to have compassion for others and to compete in order to be successful. Uptake in computer science has increased rapidly due to Graham's leadership and development of 'Coding Club'. The number of girls that now enthusiastically opt to study computing at GCSE and A level has also markedly increased. The results achieved by the students are also among the highest in the school. This is as a consequence of fabulous planning of resources, excellent delivery and superb feedback, via Google docs, that consistently allows students to make exceptional progress.

I highly recommend Graham for any post without any reservation.

18th July 2017

Lee Cleary - Head of Computing/IT and Business, Ryburn Valley High School

Graham Snowdon has been a Teacher of Computer Science and ICT at Ryburn Valley High School since September 2015. Graham joined the school as a newly qualified teacher and throughout his employment has developed into a very capable teacher. Graham inspires his students using his years of vocational experience in the IT Sector to relate subject material to real life examples. He has passed his high expectations on to students well and this is recognised through the mutual respect the students demonstrate in observed lessons. Graham has a hands on, "whatever it takes" attitude to any task required by the department and wider school and has been involved in many extra-curricular activities outside of the scope of his role.
Although new to teaching Graham quickly picked up subject materials to a level that enabled him to teach those area's of the curriculum to a high standard. Graham has consistently guided his students through the learning journey to achieve outstanding grades with classes where 90% of students received a Distinction grade. Graham creates a calm and purposeful learning environment in which his students are given the tools to and encouraged to become inquiry based learners. In the absence of a second to the Head of Computing Graham has stepped up and taken on many of the duties required of that role helping to sculpt the current department with initiatives he has overseen including a new virtual learning environment.
Graham sets goals to challenge different students providing screencast video feedback to students on their homework. This includes detailed information of what a student must improve on in order to meet the exam criteria. Graham uses specific extension tasks in his lessons to stimulate and stretch students. Graham uses lots of praise and encouragement in his lessons to establish a safe and pleasant environment for all students. He has developed effective relationships with students in his classes and strives to utilise names of students at all times to personalize their learning.
Graham has shown he is accountable for all progress made by students through the creation and use of tracker systems using his Moodle virtual learning environment to ensure both he and students are aware of the level they are working at and what else must be completed.
Graham held workshop catch up sessions for all students to enable them to access computer resources.
Graham uses detailed notes to maintain student information pertinent to each class to ensure he can plan lessons based prior student ability. He is aware of any special educational needs in his classes and takes appropriate action, by setting differentiated tasks.
Graham uses a range of teaching styles in his lessons to ensure his students are receptive to the course material and builds a plenary where peer and self assessment are encouraged to consolidate skills and knowledge.

7th July 2017

Anthony Elliott - Director, Construct Films

Snnowdon Consultants were contracted to complete a project delivering a bespoke online image retrieval system in 2014. The service levels were within contractual parameters and the project was delivered on time and within budget. I would not hesitate to use snowdon.me for further versions of the system should Construct Films' growth demand development.

25th February 2015

Ash Rogers - Customer Services Incident Manager at UK Hydrographics Office

"Graham was employed as an IT Site Services Manager responsible for ensuring a high standard of IT support was delivered to the 120+ sites that Connaught has. Graham was also responsible for the allocation of work to the regional team ensuring appointments were met, supporting documentation was created and that the customer was satisfied. During his time with Connaught he was a trusted, capable, reliable member of the team and always performed his duties efficiently, with complete discretion and professionalism. He accepted any new challenge with enthusiasm to learn and deliver an excellent standard of work for the ultimate benefit for the customer. His timekeeping is excellent and he has had minimal sick leave. I would not hesitate to recommend him for a similar role in the future."

20th May 2010

James Young, MBA - Portfolio Manager at Thomson Reuters

"Graham headed up Connaught's remote support team, which was responsible for providing at desk support to locations across the UK, as well as running the technology workstreams for new office deployments and contract wins. Graham took his team's performance very seriously, meeting short-notice challenges with humour, confidence and with the needs of the business paramount. He was well respected across the group and it would be my pleasure to work with him again."

28th May 2010

Robert McNamara - Director at Milgas Services Ltd

"Graham provided I.T. support for my business unit. Graham always spent time to identify the need of the business unit before undertaking the task. Then did exactly what was planned. I found Graham to be professional helpful and easy to work with, which was very important when running a business that depends on the smooth operation of I.T. systems."

24th May 2010

John Noon - Incident Manager - Voyager Project at EDF (contract)

"Graham Snowdon is a true professional in every sense of the word. During the time he worked in the same department as myself, he continually delivered an extremely high calibre of work. His dedication to delivering projects and acheiving outstanding results through building relationships with those he worked with and for deserves this recommendation on it's own. I would have absolutely no hesitation in employing Graham as either a high level technical resource, or as the intuitive manager he has grown in to being."

21st May 2010

Patrick Strydom

"Graham is a knowledgeable and experienced IT professional with a great eye for detail and a keen customer focus.
I would recommend Graham's work without hesitation."

23rd June 2010